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Providing Better Care with Cat and Dog Imaging in Bartow, FL

Physical exams, blood work, and X-ray imaging are our keys to understanding your pet’s health in a more complete way. Main Street Veterinary Center offers advanced cat and dog imaging technology that gives us better insight into your companion’s condition. We also provide convenient in-house lab testing and commercial lab testing to get the most comprehensive and insightful results.

When a physical exam is insufficient for an evaluation or diagnosis, we can turn to our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to get the answers we’re looking for.

To schedule an exam or routine testing for your pet, give us a call at (863) 534-9584.

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How Our Diagnostic Tools Help Us Help Your Pet

Cat and dog X-ray imaging and lab testing are essential for understanding what is going on with your pet internally.

Diagnostic Imaging and Testing Help Us Provide the Best Pet Care

Dogs and cats cannot tell their families and vets how they are feeling. With our diagnostic tools, our vets and staff can discover underlying medical issues, and also create a more complete and detailed picture of your pet’s overall health.

Does your pet have a chronic illness that requires periodic testing? Are they due for a checkup? Call us today at (863) 534-9584.