Payment Options for Our Clients

Sharing life with a pet can come with unexpected medical costs. To help pet owners handle these costs if they arise, we’re glad to offer payment options that can break these costs into smaller, more digestible payments. CareCredit and Scratchpay are two great alternative payment options you can use to manage medical costs and make sure your pet is able to get the care they need. Learn more about these options below!

Signing up for CareCredit is fast and easy, and it gives you several payment plan options, based on your needs and budget. Once you apply, CareCredit will send you a credit card you can use to cover any costs not covered by insurance (if you have a pet insurance plan). Additionally, CareCredit does not charge interest on purchases of $200 and up, if all your monthly payments are made before or by their due date.

Scratchpay does not come with a credit card like CareCredit. Instead, you simply choose the timeframe for making your payments (5 payments bi-weekly, 1 monthly payment for 12 months, or 1 monthly payment for 24 months).